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Season 1 Episode 0 

Introducing What We Do by Lucie Out There


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Welcome to What We Do.

This is a podcast about everyday people, you and me, and how we live with questions without definite answers.


How do we alleviate suffering?

How do we leave this place better than we found it?

How do we have a positive impact on the people around us?

On the things we touch?

On the things we change?

How do we incorporate new learnings and how do we respect what we don’t understand?

What do we do when we feel small and insignificant,

When we feel like it’s all out of our hands,

When we feel like no matter how much we care, we are powerless?

What do We Do when we’ve been marginalised, erased, muted, for generations?

How do we live?

How do we show up?

How do we teach?

How do we learn?

How do we grow?

My name is Lucie Camara. I am a black woman born in France, fruit of, amongst other things centuries of colonisation. I live in Sweden, making the most of the open borders my European passport grants me. I am a writer, thinker, listener, community builder, meaning seeker.

In this podcast, I interview people who in their everyday choices, in their businesses, in how they raise their children, in what they decide to bring to the world, embrace all of these questions.

Because this is What We Do.

We create connections, we build bridges, we ask questions.

We start at home, and we carry it with us everywhere we go.

We care, we grow, and we create a future where we celebrate and protect our humanity and our diversity.

We look at life as we know it and we challenge what needs challenging.

This is What We Do.

A show about you and me, our parents and our kids, our neighbours, our teachers and our students. A show about the little things that make huge differences.

This is What We Do.

We strive for sustainability, we take what we know and we make it kinder; we take what we love and we make it last, we take what we are given and we make it flourish.

We champion Intersectionality, we acknowledge our human history, learn from our mistakes and make room for everyone.


We recognise our Interconnectedness and know that we are all made of everything around and of each other.

This is What We Do.




For everyone, every day.

Welcome to What We Do.

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