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Introducing: What We Do, a podcast by Lucie Out There

My new podcast launches on October 31st 2023!

What We Do is a podcast about how the big questions of our time can find answers in our communities, on our doorsteps, and in our everyday choices.

Whether it is where and what we shop, what we eat, the skincare we use, or the conversations we have, we all take part in shaping our realities and our future. We may feel disconnected, too busy, or even hopeless, but the slightest attention can ripple through the most unimaginable web. While potentially overwhelming, this is also exciting.

With inspiring guests and solo episodes, I want to highlight how seemingly insignificant actions and private passions can impact societal change as much as any public or ambitious demonstration. In each episode of What We Do, I hope to inspire you to look at what you do with pride, intention and hope for the future.

In this first season, we will:

  • explore how a love for fashion and style resulted in a one-stop shop for the end of fast fashion,

  • redefine hair extensions and question why toxic plastic is still the leading material used in the industry,

  • bring wine to the indigenous rights table through a Maori perspective

  • reconnect how we care for our bodies with how we care for our communities and others.

And more!

Subscribe to What We Do

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on October 31st 2023.


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